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My love for music and poetry has inspired me to write and compose songs which reflect my experiences in this life. I moved to New Zealand in 2014 and have a studio in the Far North. I write my own songs and compose their music. Since I was a child I had longed for a piano. I suppose there has always been a longing in me to make music. I grew up in Russia and when I was very young my mom invested in a government bond that was to be collected when I turned 18. The amount would be 1000 rubles; enough for me to buy a piano. However, severe inflation over the coming years meant that by the time I turned 18, my 1000 ruble bond could only buy a candy bar! So my dreams would have to wait. Once I finally bought a piano there was no stopping me. Poems I had written over the years became perfect seeds for songs I would later produce.


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